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5 Best Dog Beds For Crates UK 2023 [Affordable + Comfy]

If you take your pet pooch out and about with you often, you’ll know that getting them in a crate is not always easy. Often the reason why your dog is reluctant to get into the crate is because the hard crate floor can be uncomfortable for your pooch.

The smooth surface of the crate floor can also mean your dog slips around in the crate. This is particularly applicable to small breed dogs who don’t have the body mass to resist slipping around, whether standing or sitting.

This is the reason why many dog owners buy a dog bed for crate. A dog crate bed creates a warm and comforting environment for your pooch, allowing them to snuggle and feel cosy.

If you put the right dog bed in your crate, your pooch may not want to leave the crate, even after you’ve arrived at your destination!

We’ve reviewed a number of dog beds for crates and hand picked the best. So read on if you want to discover the 5 best dog beds for crates UK in 2023.

Our Top Picks

2nd Place

Bedsure Waterproof Dog Crate Bed

Sizes: M, L, XL

Colours: Grey, Black, Navy


DERICOR Dog Bed Dog Crate Bed

Sizes: S, M, L

Colours: Grey, White

3rd Place

Amazon Basics Dog Pet Bed

Sizes: XS, M, L, XL

Colours: Dark Grey

1. DERICOR Dog Bed For Crate

This dog crate bed from Dericor ticks all the boxes for high quality materials, dog comfort, ease of washing and excellent affordability. This is why we’ve ranked it Number one.

This dog bed for crates uses sheep skin imitation plush material to ensure your dog is comfortable and relaxed. The filling material is a plump polyester mix, giving your pooch softness and padding. The underside of the crate bed is a soft non-slip fabric, ensuring it can stay in place.

The bed is fully machine washable, just pop it in your washing machine. This gives you the ultimate convenience you need.

Key Features

  • Made using high quality materials ensuring comfort for your dog.
  • Padded and filled enough to ensure your dog is relaxed and comfortable on even long car journeys.
  • Fully machine washable, the entire bed can simply be placed in the washing machine.
  • Comes in 3 sizes as below
    • Small: 60cm x 45cm (24 inch x 18 inch)
    • Medium: 76cm x 48 cm (30 inch x 19 inch)
    • Large: 91cm x 58cm (36 inch x 23 inch)


  • Outstanding value for money
  • High quality materials to give your dog comfort
  • Padding that’s thick and sturdy, yet soft
  • Fully machine washable


  • Some buyers reported they were sent the wrong size bed

2. Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed For Crate

If you’re looking for a water resistant bed for your dog crate then the Bedsure waterproof bed could be just what you need. The covering material of the bed is oxford fabric, which is known for its impressive water resistance and durability.

The bed is a chunky 10cm in thickness, giving your pooch plenty of padding and warmth when in her crate. With that said, the bed could be used completely standalone as a regular dog bed – it’s that comfortable.

The padding is a plump microfiber filling that’s commonly used to stuff cushions and pillows. The dog bed is fully washable and should be put on a cool wash cycle.

Key Features

  • Strong oxford fabric used with powerful water resistant properties. Liquid rolls off the dog bed.
  • The oxford fabric used is also chew resistant and puncture resistant, helping to preserve the life of your dog crate bed.
  • The dog bed is a chunky 10cm thickness, this gives your dog plenty of warmth, padding and comfort.
  • Can be used as a standalone dog bed, due to how thick and durable it is.
  • Available in medium, large and extra large:
    • Medium: 76cm x 50cm (30 inch by 20 inch)
    • Large: 91cm x 68 cm (36 inch x 26 inch)
    • Extra large: 111cm x 89cm (44 inch x 35 inch)


  • Waterproof crate bed – liquid rolls off of it
  • Chew resistant and puncture resistant
  • 10cm thickness gives your dog comfort and warmth
  • Entire dog bed is fully machine washable


  • Might be too thick for some crates

3. Amazon Basics Dog Pet Bed

This Amazon Basics dog bed is a very well made dog bed that can be put in a crate and provide your pooch with comfort and relaxation. The bed is made from a lovely textured plush material so your dog will be nice and snug when using it.

It has a slip resistant bottom side to ensure your crate bed and your pooch stay in one place. The bed is padded with polyester and will hold its firmness and form for a long time. The bed is fully machine washable and can also be put in a tumble dryer, although we’d recommend allowing it to air dry.

Key Features

  • Bed is made from a high grade textured plush material that gives your dog softness and warmth.
  • Underside of the bed features a slip resistant oxford base, ensuring stability for your pooch.
  • Treated synthetic polyester is used as the padding, this polyester keeps its firmness and form for a long time.
  • Full machine washable and can also be put in a tumble dryer.
  • Available in sizes XS, M, L and XL. The extra large size is suitable for large breed like a Bernese dog.


  • High grade textured plush material gives your dog superior comfort
  • Anti-slip underside
  • Fully machine washable and suitable for tumble dryer
  • Excellent value for money


  • Does not have water resistant qualities

4. Ellie-Bo Sherpa Fleece Mat Crate Bed

If you’re looking for a simple dog mat or bed for a crate then this mat Ellie-Bo fits the bill. It’s designed to appeal dog owners (and dogs) who like simplicity. The surface material is sherpa fleece, which is known for its warming and comforting properties. This will provide your dog with soothing place to rest.

The underside features small rubber beads to give it a non-slip function. The padding is microfiber, which is a common filler for pillows and similar furnishings. The crate bed comes in three colours, beige, black and brown.

Key Features

  • Soft and smooth micro sherpa surface material gives your dog warmth and relaxation.
  • Padding is micro fiber material, which is often used in pillows and other soft furnishings.
  • Non slip under side featuring small rubber beads to keep the crate bed in place.
  • Fully washable – just pop it in the washing machine.
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.


  • Highly affordable crate bed
  • micro sherpa sirface material is soft and warm for your dog
  • Fully machine washables
  • anti-slip bottom


  • Some buyers reported the bed is not as thick as expected

5. Loving Care Ultra Supreme Dog Bed For Crate

The Loving Care bed is another water resistant dog bed for crate for those of you looking for an alternative waterproof version. This surface material of this dog crate bed is a heavy duty polyester that’s been treated with Teflon. This makes it highly water resistant and resistant to all other liquids and fluids from your dog.

The heavy duty polyester is also resistant to dog hair and other dirt and grime. It’s easy to clean and can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth. However, it’s also machine washable and can be put in a washing machine.

Key Features

  • Surface material of crate bed is a heavy duty thick polyester which is known to increase longevity of products.
  • Dog bed is coated in Teflon and is fully water resistant and resistant to all other liquids including urine, saliva and oil.
  • The dog crate bed is able to withstand chewing and digging from dogs.
  • Can be used as a standalone regular dog bed, and is also suitable for outdoor use.
  • Available in sizes S M, L, XL and XXL. The XXL size is suitable for large breed dogs


  • Fully water resistant dog crate bed coated in Teflon
  • Dog bed is machine washable
  • Heavy duty, hard wearing and hypoallergenic
  • Strong chew resistant qualities


  • Might be out of budget for some dog owners

Dog Bed For Crate UK Buying Guide

It might seem straight forward to buy a dog bed for a dog crate, but as you start to look around at different products some confusion can set it. You might be wondering if you should buy a waterproof crate bed, or a plush crate bed, or maybe even a hard crate bed. Then you wonder about durability and lots of other things.

That’s why we’ve put together a dog bed for crate buying guide. This guide will demystify dog crate beds, discuss the types of material used in crate beds, the pros and cons of different types, and what you should look out for.

Why Buy A Dog Bed For Crate?

We’ve spoken to multiple dog owners to discover why they purchased a bed for their dog crate or why they were thinking of doing so. They have different reasons but can be summarised as below:

1. Their dog doesn’t like getting in the dog crate. They did some research and discovered that making the crate more comfortable might persuade the dog to happily enter the crate.

2. Their dog has joint pain, or muscle aches and they want to make the dog crate more comfortable and soothing by putting a dog bed in it.

3. The dog owner travels frequently and wants their dog to travel in comfort and warmth, hence they buy a dog crate bed.

Dog Crate Bed Surface Material

Polyester is a common synthetic material used in making dog beds in general, not just dog beds for crates. Polyester can be durable and can be manufactured to different thicknesses.

Another quality that polyester has is that it can easily be made waterproof or water resistant. This is perfect for dog crate bed, as if you’re driving and your dog needs to pee then she has no choice but to pee on the crate bed.

If having a dog crate bed that’s waterproof is important to you, then purchasing a crate that’s made from polyester is recommended.

Oxford material is another is another material type commonly used in the construction of dog crate beds. Oxford material is a durable fabric that also has inherent water resistant properties. These water resistant properties can be further bolstered with certain treatments.

Like polyester, Oxford fabric can be manufactured to different thicknesses, the most common grad and thickness is 600D. If you’re buying a bed for your dog crate that’s made of oxford material then check to ensure it’s quality is 600D as a minimum.

Plush material is very common to everyday items, from soft toys, to soft furnishings and even clothes.  So it’s no surprise that plush material is frequently used to construct dog beds for crates.

The point of using soft plush material is to transform the hard and often cold crate into a warm, soft welcoming environment where your pooch can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Dog Crate Bed Filling Material

Probably around 99% of dog beds for crates will have some type of padding material. Well after all, one of the main purposes of buying a dog bed for your crate is give your pooch some comfort while travelling.

However, the type of padding can vary. Some manufacturers use foam, some use PP cotton, and some use microfiber, among others.

If the dog crate bed uses foam as the padding material, then expect it to retain its firmness and form for a long time. Although how long does depend on how heavy your dog is and whether they like to chew and dig.

If the filling is a polyester padding, then like foam, the crate bed should be long lasting and robust.

If the dog crate bed uses PP cotton or microfiber then that’s also a positive. PP cotton and microfiber are commonly used as fillers in pillows, cushions, arm rests and other furniture.

Water Resistant Quality Of The Dog Crate Bed

You may have a specific need for a dog crate bed that’s waterproof. If so then you should look for a crate bed made from either a polyester mix or from polyester oxford fabric. Both of those have good wate resistant qualities, and can withstand small spills. However, it wouldn’t be accurate to say they were truly waterproof.

If you need the bed to be fully waterproof, then look for a polyester fabric that’s been coated with Teflon, or some other waterproof material. The best dog beds in the UK that claim to be water resistant will use Teflon coating. Teflon is fully water repellent and liquids simply roll off of surfaces that are coated in Teflon.

The Dog Crate Bed Should Be Easy To Clean

It should go without saying that nobody wants a dog bed that’s hard to clean. You should look for a dog crate bed that has fully removable and machine washable covers. Even better is if the entire crate bed can be put in the washing machine, thereby washing the bed covers and the padding material as well.

The Versatility Of The Dog Crate Bed

It would be a good idea to buy a dog crate bed that can be used a regular standalone dog bed as well as in a crate. These types of crate beds will cost a little more than a dog mat or bed that’s only made for a dog crate. With that said, spending a little more to get a truly versatile crate bed could be worth it in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bed For Crate UK

Read below to get the answers to common questions and queries about dog beds for crates.

Should I Put A Dog Bed In A Crate?

Yes, it is a good idea to put a dog bed in a crate. Putting a bed in a dog crate will provide your pooch with comfort, warmth and relaxation that she won’t get if the crate floor is bare. Not only that, but if your dog has any joint problems or is elderly, then putting a dog bed in a crate is highly recommended in order to alleviate your dog’s discomfort when travelling in a crate.

How Big Should A Bed Be For A Dog Crate?

A bed for a dog crate should be about 2 to 3 inches longer in length and width than the floor surface area of the crate. You always want the bed to be a little bigger than the crate floor size in order to give your dog the comfort and warmth they need. This is particularly important if your dog has join or muscle pain.

What Bedding Is Best For A Puppy Crate?

It’s recommended to use indestructible bedding for a puppy crate. Your puppy will make short work of small light bedding like blankets or throws and pillows. The last thing you want is for your puppy to shred a blanket and then swallow some of it. Therefore while your pup is young and still learning what to eat and what not to eat, ensure you provide them with chew proof indestructible bedding only.

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