Why Do Dogs Roll In Fox Poo? [Full Explanation + Risks]

Do you find your dog seems to have the overwhelming desire to roll around in fox poo and other smelly and dirty things? If you’re left scratching your head as to why your canine pal loves to roll around in fox poop, you’re not alone! Read on to discover the reasons why your pet pooch loves to roll in fox faeces.

Who Do Dogs Like Rolling Around In Fox Poo?

There are no proven reasons as to why dogs roll around in fox poo, but there are some theories. Some are more plausible than others.

To Mask Their Scent From Predators

The main theory presented as a reason why dogs are drawn to fox poo is that it’s a way for a dog to mask its scent, so that potential predators cannot sniff them out.

Now, you may be asking which animals actually prey on dogs? In reality there are only a handful of animals which would attack a dog if they had the chance. These include:

  • Coyotes
  • Cougars
  • Venomous Snakes

In Britain you’re not likely to encounter any of the above animals, so you don’t have to worry about your pet pooch being hunted by any of them. Even if you did live in a country with many cougars and venomous snakes, you’re still not likely to encounter them unless you deliberately seek out their habitats in the wild.

However, there are some other animals that are found in the UK which have been known to very occasionally attack dogs, but only if they feel threatened by them. These include, porcupines and squirrels.

Given that dogs face no real predators, the theory about dogs using fox poo to mask their scent from predators doesn’t seem very plausible.

To Mark Their Territory

It’s well known that dogs have a very strong sense of smell. Some therefore theorise that dogs roll around in fox poo to mark their territory and let other dogs know: ‘Rex was here!’

To Let Members Of Their Pack Know They’ve Found Food

This theory relates to when wolves would roll around in a carcass of an animal they’d killed or found. They’d then find their pack to let them know there’s food available, and they’d just have to follow the scent to find the food.

As dogs are descended from wolves, this theory posits that rolling around in animal faeces is a ‘left over’ trait from similar behaviour in wolves.

Dogs Find It Fun To Roll In Fox Poo

This is probably the most plausible explanation, dogs simply like the smell of fox poop and find it enjoyable to roll around in!

Dogs like doing lots of things that humans don’t. They like chasing their own tail (that would be the equivalent of humans trying to run away form their shadow). Dogs like repeatedly chasing after balls, frisbees and other objects and bringing them back to us. And, dogs like rolling around in fox poo!

This explanation makes the most sense when you think about it. Dogs simply find it fun.

Risks Associated With Rolling In Fox Poo

The biggest risk associated with your dog rolling in fox poo is the fact that fox poo carries a lot of intestinal parasites.

Intestinal parasites are often known as worms, and include organisms like tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. These parasites infest the intestines of dogs and can cause a lot of harm.

Dogs can become infected with these parasites if they lick or ingest any type of material contaminated with worms. This of course includes fox poop.

For this reason, it’s sensible to train your dog to avoid rolling around in fox poo, or any other type of animal faeces.

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How To Clean A Dog After They Have Rolled In Fox Poo

Fox poo is not easy to clean off a dog, especially dogs with long coats of fur. Not only that, fox poo can leave behind a lingering smell, even after you’ve washed your dog.

But the good news is that there are specialist shampoos to help wash off fox poo and get rid of the horrible smell. So, if your dog has rolled around in fox faeces, then best thing to use is a special shampoo.

Final Thoughts On Why Do Dogs Roll In Fox Poo

There are a few theories about why your pet pooch loves to get covered in fox poop. These range from hiding from predators, to marking their territory to signalling they’ve found food. However, the most plausible reason is that they simply enjoy it!