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can dogs eat prawns

Can Dogs Eat Prawns? Are They Safe [Beware Hidden Risks]

In the kitchen, your dog is likely to look at you pleadingly while you prepare interesting seafood meals like paella or a throwback favourite like a prawn cocktail. You may wonder to yourself, can dogs eat prawns? Are prawns safe for dogs? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat...
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how to train your dog to ignore other dogs uk

How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Other Dogs UK: 4 Best Methods

It’s really awkward to have a dog that barks at and pulls towards other dogs when out on walks. People may not like it, you’re left feeling very uncomfortable, even humiliated, and you might wonder why your dog is behaving like that in the first place. You may have heard...
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What age can puppies go to kennels UK

What Age Can Puppies Go To Kennels UK 2024 [Full Answer]

It’s a common problem among dog owners; you’re going away for a few days or weeks and you can’t take your beloved puppy with you. You don’t have any nearby friends or relatives who are in a position to take in your pup, so you ask the question; what age...
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Why do dogs roll in fox poo

Why Do Dogs Roll In Fox Poo? [Full Explanation + Risks]

Do you find your dog seems to have the overwhelming desire to roll around in fox poo and other smelly and dirty things? If you’re left scratching your head as to why your canine pal loves to roll around in fox poop, you’re not alone! Read on to discover the...
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how to use use hibiscrub on dogs

How To Use Hibiscrub On Dogs 2024 [Instructions + Risks]

Hibiscrub is an antibacterial cleanser that’s used in hospitals and veterinary clinics. This makes hibiscrub safe to use for humans and animals, including dogs. The active ingredient in hibiscrub is chlorhexidine gluconate, which is highly effective as a disinfectant and very effective at getting rid of viruses, bacteria and fungi. How...
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Where can I buy bone broth for dogs UK

Where To Buy Bone Broth For Dogs UK 2024: Top 7 Places

Dog owners have been feeding their pooches bone broth for years, however it only really became mainstream in the past 4 years. If you’re looking to buy bone broth for your dog you might not be sure where it can be purchased. Fortunately, bone broth for dogs can be bought...
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how many dogs allowed per household uk

How Many Dogs Allowed Per Household UK 2024: UK Dog Laws

So you’re a dog lover and want to give a loving home to as many canine pals as possible. But just how many dogs per household can you have in the UK legally? There is no legal limit on how many dogs a household or an individual can have in...
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Where can I buy canned pumpkin for dogs UK

Where To Buy Canned Pumpkin For Dogs UK 2024: Top 8 Places

Pumpkin is considered a great food for dogs and you may be keen to feed your pet pooch some pumpkin. But if you’ve never bought pumpkin for your dog, you might not know where it’s sold. The good news is that canned pumpkin for dogs is sold in a variety...
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where can I buy dog ice cream UK

Where Can I Buy Dog Ice Cream UK 2024: Top 7 Places

If you’ve never bought ice cream for your dog before then you might be having a bit of difficulty finding out where to buy it from. Fortunately, ice cream for dogs can be bought from plenty of places in the UK, including online stores and in physical shops. Not only...
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where to buy green tripe for dogs uk

Where To Buy Green Tripe For Dogs UK 2024: Top 10 Places

If you’ve never bought green tripe for your dog before then you might be finding it a bit tricky to locate the places where it’s sold. Fortunately, green tripe, including frozen green tripe can be bought from plenty of places in the UK, including online stores and in physical shops...
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How much does it cost to express dog glands UK

How Much Does It Cost To Express Dog Glands UK 2024

It’s an unwanted situation for a dog owner, but sometimes your pet pooch can experience anal gland issues. As a result, you may require a vet to express your dog’s anal glands. But just how much does it cost to express dog glands in the UK? It can cost between...
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How To Dispose Of Dog Poo At Home UK

How To Dispose Of Dog Poo At Home UK 2024 [5 Ways]

Being a responsible dog owner means always cleaning up your dog’s poo, no matter where you are. While it’s clear how to deal with dog poop when you’re out about, you might ask yourself how to dispose of dog poo at home? You can dispose of dog poo at home...
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What to put on a dog tag UK Legal requirements

What To Put On A Dog Tag UK 2024: Dog Tag Legal Requirements

In UK law, there are a few different legal responsibilities that you as a dog owner have to fulfil. One of these responsibilities is ensuring your dog wears a dog tag. But what exactly should you put on a dog tag? There are two specific UK legal requirements. Firstly, a...
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how to stop dog wee killing grass UK

How To Stop Dog Wee Killing Grass UK: 8 Different Ways

You love to walk your canine pal and let them play in the garden. However, your dog’s urine is killing your lawn. Well, if you’ve ever wondered how to stop dog wee killing grass UK, the good news is there are at least 8 ways to do this. Including keeping...
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How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge UK

How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge UK 2024: Dog Walking Prices Per Hour

Do you have a pooch but struggle to take your dog out for walks due to working long hours or other challenges? If so, you may be considering hiring a dog walker, and wondering how much do dog walkers charge per hour in the UK. Dog walkers charge between £12...
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ellie bo dog beds

Ellie-Bo Dog Beds Small Medium Large XL XXL [Best Deals]

Ellie-Bo manufacture some great quality dog beds. Their dog beds can be used in Ellie Bo dog crates or they can be used as standalone comfy dog beds for your pet pooch. Ellie Bo dog beds are available in small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large (XXL) sizes...
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ellie bo 36 inch dog crates cages

Ellie Bo 36 Inch Dog Crates Large [Don’t Miss This Deal]

Ellie Bo 36 inch dog crates come in three different varieties; there is the black standard version, the silver standard version, and the black deluxe version. The standard versions are the most popular versions due to the high quality and how affordable they are. There is FREE delivery on the...
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dog furniture

Dog Beds and Furniture

No dog household is complete without a dog bed and furniture like crates, kennels, ramps, car seats, and gates. The type of bedding and furniture you may buy will depend on your dog’s needs, your own needs, your budget, the size of your home and your own personal preference. Dog...
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ellie bo dog crates cages

Best Ellie Bo Dog Crates Small Medium Large XL XXL Cages

Ellie Bo make some of the finest dog cages on the market today. The company has been making dog and pet products since 2010, so they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the pet products industry. Ellie Bo dog crates come in black and silver. The cages also...
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best dog beds UK

Best Dog Beds UK 2024 [For All Breeds and Needs]

Dogs are very active animals and can often run their dog parents ragged! But on the flip side, our canine kids typically spend around 14 hours a day sleeping, that’s twice the amount that humans do. While it’s true that dogs can sleep on most firm surfaces, to help get...
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raised dog bed uk

5 Best Raised Dog Beds UK 2024 [Elevated + Affordable]

Raised dog beds can offer your dog comfort, relaxation and cooling, as well as being resistant to chewing. Many dog owners have switched from traditional dog beds to elevated beds for their pooch and report that their dogs love it! If you’re wondering whether a raised bed could work for...
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medium dog crate UK

5 Best Medium Dog Crates UK 2024 [30 inch Size Cages]

You may be thinking about getting a medium dog crate for your pet pooch for a number reasons. Maybe your dog prefers a dog crate to a traditional dog bed, – many do. Or maybe you travel regularly and therefore need a travel crate for your medium sized dog. Or...
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extra large dog crate uk

5 Best Extra Large Dog Crates UK 2024 [XL 42 inch Cages]

There are lots of reasons to get a dog crate of any size, not just an extra large dog crate. A dog crate can give your pet pooch a place to feel safe and reassured, especially if you have a timid puppy. Or maybe you have a rescue dog who’s...
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donut dog bed uk

5 Best Donut Dog Beds UK 2024 [Calming and Comfy]

Donut beds for dogs are a popular choice for dog owners who are looking to help their dog get high quality sleep. But how does a donut dog bed help attain that? Donut beds are circular shaped as their name implies, and this shape is very appealing to dogs as...
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dog sofa bed uk

5 Best Dog Sofa Beds UK 2024 [Comfy and Great Value]

Dog sofa beds can provide your pooch with comfort, warmth, security and the opportunity to sleep on a raised bed. Many dog owners seek out a sofa bed for their dog in order to wean them off the human sofa and onto their very own comfy sofa. Other dog parents...
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dog bed for crate UK

5 Best Dog Beds For Crates UK 2024 [Affordable + Comfy]

If you take your pet pooch out and about with you often, you’ll know that getting them in a crate is not always easy. Often the reason why your dog is reluctant to get into the crate is because the hard crate floor can be uncomfortable for your pooch. The...
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48 inch dog crates XXL

5 Best 48 Inch Dog Crates UK 2024 [XXL Amazing Deals]

If you have a large breed dog, or multiple medium sized dogs then it’s likely you’ll find yourself looking for a 48 inch dog crate at some point. Maybe you need to take a trip somewhere and need to transport your pooch safely, or maybe you just want an alternative...
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memory foam dogs beds UK

10 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds UK 2024 [Affordable + Comfy]

It’s no surprise that more and more dog owners seek out memory foam dog beds. But why? Well, if you’ve had the opportunity to sleep on a memory foam bed, or even sit on a memory foam chair, you’ll know how soft and supportive it is. And your dog will...
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