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5 Best Donut Dog Beds UK 2024 [Calming and Comfy]

Donut beds for dogs are a popular choice for dog owners who are looking to help their dog get high quality sleep. But how does a donut dog bed help attain that? Donut beds are circular shaped as their name implies, and this shape is very appealing to dogs as it matches how many dogs sleep.

Research shows that around 64% of dogs sleep in a curled up shape. Therefore, having a circular shaped bed allows your dog to sleep in their natural curled up position, while also enjoying firm head and neck support.

The fact that a donut bed has an elevated rim helps to alleviate nervousness and anxiety in your pet pooch. This promotes relaxation in your dog and helps them sleep more soundly by giving them a sense of safety and security.

So if you like the sound of dog bed and their calming qualities, then read on to discover the 5 best donut beds for dogs UK in 2024.

Our Top Picks

Calming Donut Pet Dog Bed

Sizes: M, L, XL

Colours: Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Pink

Bedsure Calming Dog Donut Bed Fluffy

Sizes: M, L, XL

Colours: Grey, Dark Grey, Beige, Coffee, Pink

MFOX Calming Donut Dog Bed

Sizes: L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Colours: Grey, Beige, Black, Pink, White

1. Western Home Calming Donut Dog Bed

This donut dog bed is made by Western Home who have made several pet products. This bed features a 4cm length soft plush material that’s silky and warm to the touch. A sensation that your dog will love.

The bed has a non-slip bottom backing, ensuring it stays in place while your pet pooch rests or sleeps. The non-slip bottom is also waterproof and mold and mildew resistant.

Another key factor is that the bed is machine washable. It can be placed in the washing machine on a gentle wash, and also in the tumble dryer on a low heat setting. However, if you want to extend the life of the bed as long as possible we’d suggest leaving the bed to air dry, instead of tumble drying.

Be aware that the bed comes vacuum packed, and it does take around one day to become as plump and fluffy as what’s shown in the product images. The bed comes in multiple colours and multiple sizes. The largest size available is XXL, and is suitable for dogs up to 18kg.

Key Features

  • 4cm length plush that’s very soft and warm to the touch.
  • The bed is machine washable so you don’t have to tolerate a smelly bed.
  • Its round shape and raised rim gives excellent support for your dog’s head and neck.
  • The bed comes in multiple colours, allowing you to find a colour that matches your home interior.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Helps to relieve anxiety in your dog
  • Soft and warm 4cm plush material
  • Non-slip bottom that’s water and mold resistant
  • Easy to clean – just put it in the washing machine


  • Not suitable for large breed dogs

2. Bedsure Calming Dog Donut Bed Fluffy

This donut dog bed offers your dog a calming and relaxing place to rest. The surface is made of plush material while the inside is filled with PP cotton. PP cotton, also known as doll cotton is known for its plump structure and fluffiness. Your dog will enjoy the softness of the material as well as the support.

The bed is easy to clean as it can be put in the washing machine. This gives you extra convenience on top of the fact that it can also be hand washed. The good news is that many owners report that even after several washes the dog bed is still soft and plump.

This donut dog bed has a non slip rubber bottom that’s waterproof and dirt resistant. It comes in multiple colours and can different sizes, so it’s suitable for most dogs. The donut bed comes vacuum packed and needs about one day to become full and plump.

Key Features

  • Soft and plush filled with firm but plump PP cotton material.
  • The bed is machine washable and can also be put in the tumble dryer.
  • Non-slip rubber bottom ensure bed remains in place.
  • Rubber bottom is also waterproof and dirt resistant, reducing how often it has to be washed.
  • Helps relieve anxiety and nervousness in your pet pooch.


  • Helps to relieve anxiety in dogs
  • Soft plush outer material with robust PP cotton filling
  • Waterproof non-slip bottom
  • Machine washable and also suitable for tumble drying
  • Great value for money


  • Not resistant to chewing

3. MFOX Calming Donut Dog Bed

This donut dog bed from MFOX offers a combination of nylon and fake fur, which together create a sturdy and sumptuous fake fur material that’s snug and soft. The bed is filled with doll cotton, or PP fibre, making it sturdy but soft and cosy.

This calming dog bed has a 20cm raised rim which offers good support for your dogs head and neck, as well as providing a sense of security and safety. The edging and stitching of the product is very robust, making it hard for your pet pooch to dig into it and damage the stitching.

As is expected with dog beds, it’s machine washable and can also by dried in a tumble dryer. Although we do recommend either hand washing the bed or allowing it to air dry. This is in order to preserve the life of the bed.

Key Features

  • Outer material is made from a robust yet soft nylon and fake fur combination, giving it a luxurious soft plush feeling.
  • Inner material is PP cotton, which is known for its firm yet plump properties.
  • 20cm raised rim gives your pet pooch excellent head and neck support.
  • Can be cleaned in a washing machine and also dried in a tumble dryer.
  • The XXXL size bed is suitable for dogs up to 45kg in weight.


  • Warm, cosy and helps to alleviate anxiety in your dog
  • Easy to clean – just put it in your washing machine
  • strong stitching makes it hard for dog to damage the seams
  • Very affordable


  • Can take up to three days to fully plump up

4. DanceWhale Round Plush Dog Bed

The DanceWhale plush donut dog bed gives your dog a calming place to sleep with a soft and warm outer material. The length of the plush is 4cm, which is in line with other donut beds for dogs. The inner material is PP cotton, which is a very effective filler material.

The calming dog bed features a anti-slip bottom, making it ideal for hardwood floors and other hard smooth surfaces.

The dog bed is machine washable and can be placed in a tumble dryer. We do recommend hand washing your dog bed if you can as this will increase the life span of your dog bed. However, dog owners report no problems with machine washing the bed.

The dog bed comes in multiple colours so you should find a colour that matches your tastes. The manufacturer also offers a a good variety of sizing. The largest size available is XXXL and can comfortably accommodate a dog of up to 39kg in weight.

Key Features

  • 4cm plush material with PP cotton filler giving your dog a warm and cosy bed.
  • Anti-slip bottom making it ideal for hard wood floors or other similar surfaces.
  • Helps your dog feel secure and safe thereby promoting high quality and restful sleep
  • Easy to keep clean as the dog bed is machine washable.
  • Biggest size available is XXXXL and it can accommodate a dog of up to 39kg in weight.


  • Great value price and highly rated
  • Makes your dog feel soft, warm and secure
  • Durable anti-slip under side lining
  • Can be easily cleaned by putting it in the washing machine


  • Some buyers report the size dimensions stated are not as accurate as they could be

5. The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

The dog’s bed donut pet bed proudly offers vegan fur which takes on the shape and contours of your dog’s body. This contouring of the 4cm fake fur, along with generous stuffing, helps your dog feel warm and cosy.

This calming donut dog bed features a exclusive dual-layer base mattress cushion; – the top layer ‘moulds’ itself around your dog’s body, while the base layer offers padding and support to your dog. This results in your dog feeling safe and comforted, while also providing support to your dogs head and neck.

One particularly appealing feature of this dog bed is the fact that it has removable covers which can be placed in the washing machine. This makes cleaning the dog bed incredibly easy and convenient. None of the other donut dog beds in this review have that feature, so that’s a clear advantage for this particular bed.

This dog bed comes with a manufactures’ warranty for one year which covers defects, giving extra peace of mind if you choose to purchase it.

Key Features

  • The bed has removable bed covers that are machine washable, making it simple and easy to clean.
  • 4cm vegan fur which contours to the shape of your dog’s body, providing comfort, warmth and relaxation.
  • Helps to relieve anxiety in your dog and induce deep restful sleep.
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • Available in six different sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.


  • Removable and machine washable covers
  • Replacement bed covers are readily available to buy
  • Plush vegan fur contours to the shape of your dog’s body
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The manufacturer does not provide weight recommendations for the dog bed

Donut Dog Bed Buying Guide

Buying a doughnut bed for your dog can be confusing as there are so many different options and specifications available. Or maybe you’re not totally sold on the idea of a dog bed and are looking for a bit more information about them. Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to donut beds. This will help you understand more about donut beds, why they can be beneficial for your dog, and what to look for when buying a donut bed.

Why Buy A Donut Bed For Dogs?

Donut beds offer dogs a sense of calm, comfort, warmth and security. Many people like soft warm beddings for themselves, and dogs are no different in that regard!

Many dogs sleep in a curled up position, so a donut bed supports that natural sleeping position due to its round shape. Dogs also enjoy the sense of safety and security provided by a donut bed, as it surrounds the dog with warmth and softness.

Dogs do of course have fur to keep them warm, however, many donut beds are also self warming. This is particularly useful for your pooch if you as the dog owner prefer a more cool home temperature. With a donut dog bed you can be sure that your pup still feels warm and snug, while you can revel in the cool air.

Donut Bed Material Types

Donut dog beds can be made using a variety of materials. Below we give you information about these materials and what type of material to look for in your donut dog bed.

Outer Material

Donut beds will always feature a soft plush outer material to make your dog feel warm and safe. This plush outer material is typically a treated polyester fabric.

Some donut dog beds will combine polyester with nylon to form a very soft and light feeling material.

Whether your dog bed is standalone polyester or a polyester and nylon blend, you should expect it to feel soft and smooth to the touch.

Some manufacturers are now producing vegan plush, thereby ensuring no ingredients or treatments derived from animals are added to the plush or used in the treating of the plush. Some people might think that plush is automatically vegan, however, that’s not necessarily true. Plush is not vegan unless the manufacturer states it is. The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed is made from vegan fur.

If you’re able to find a donut bed made from vegan plush, then you should consider purchasing it, as long as it meets your other requirements.

Inner Material

Your donut dog bed will use a filler material to plump up the bed and give it a firm yet soft and supple padded feeling. This material will typically be PP cotton. This type of cotton is known for being durable and robust, while also being soft and bouncy.

PP cotton is also known as filler cotton or doll cotton and is used to fill many different types of items and products, not just dog beds.

A doughnut bed filled with PP cotton is highly suitable and should be considered if you’re happy with other specifications.

With that said, the highest quality donut bed will use memory foam as its inner padding material. The properties of memory foam make it more beneficial to dogs when compared with PP cotton. Memory foam moulds to your dog’s body while also evenly distributing your dog’s weight.

Memory foam is energy absorbent and is of course a very soft and tactile material. If your dog has joint problems or sore pressure points, then memory foam filling in your donut bed will offer a lot more relief than PP cotton.

Having said that, if your dog does have joint problems, then perhaps consider getting a [raised dog bed]. Raised dog beds offer some of the best pain relieving qualities compared to other dog beds.

All in all, memory foam is the superior inner material for your dog bed, and if your budget allows it, then you should seriously consider buying a memory foam bed.

Non-Slip Underside Bottom

The best dog beds will have a non-slip rubber underside. This is important so that the dog bed can remain in place of hard wood floors, or tiled floors. Of course your dog will be resting in their bed, not moving around or jumping, but it’s still important that your dog feels secure when resting.

It’s also recommended that the non-slip underside also be waterproof. This additional feature will add to the longevity of the dog bed and help you get the most life from it.  

Raised Rim Of Donut Bed For Dogs

An important aspect of donut beds is the raised circular rim. These raised rims are important to provide your dog with a feeling of protection and security.

The height of the rim and firmness of the inner material will determine how robust the rim is how much support it offers your dog.

A rim height of about 15cm works for most dogs, however it does depend on the size and weight of your dog. The firmness of the inner material will also be a factor. Loosely packed PP cotton will not give your dog the head and neck support needed. More tightly packed PP cotton will. And Memory foam will give your dog the best possible support and greatest feeling of protection.

Removable Bed Covers

It’s recommended to buy a dog bed that has removable covers. This makes it easy and hassle free to keep the dog bed clean. It’s ideal for the covers to be machine washable as well.

We wouldn’t suggest that not having removable covers on your donut bed should be a deal breaker, rather we’d suggest that it’s something desirable to have. Further, having removable and washable covers means you can also replace the covers with ease, if the covers start to get a bit worn out. This reduces the need for you to buy a whole new dog bed.

Ease Of Cleaning And Machine Washable

Even if the donut bed you’re considering doesn’t have removable covers, it should be machine washable. Meaning that you should be able to wash the bed by putting the entire bed in a washing machine. It’s also desirable if the bed can be tumble dried as well.

Being machine washable is an important convenience feature for a dog bed, not just a donut bed. If the donut bed your considering is not machine washable then we’d recommend avoiding it.

If you can’t put your donut bed in the washing machine, then you can hand wash it. It’s not as convenient as putting the bed in the washing machine, but nothing’s too much for our pet pooches, right?

Benefits Of A Donut Dog Bed

Donut beds have several benefits for your dog, these include:

Doughnut Beds Give Your Dog A Sense Of Calm, Protection And Security

Donut beds offer a surrounding wall of warmth, comfort and safety so that even the most anxious of dogs can feel calmed and relaxed. Your dog is likely to revel in this feeling of protection and can achieve a more restful night’s sleep as a result.

Donut Beds Support Your Dog’s Natural Sleeping Position

It’s reported that around 63% of dogs sleep in a curled up position. A donut dog bed is round shaped of course, thereby supporting your dog’s sleeping position and promoting good quality sleep.

They Provide Head And Neck Support

Doughnut dog beds have raised rims and these rims are vital to how well your dog enjoys their bed. A donut bed of only average quality will provide firm head and neck support for your pooch, helping them feel secure and relaxed.

Donut Beds Are Easy To Clean

Donut beds tend to be easy to clean. You can vacuum clean them with ease. If there is any stubborn debris you can simply pick them up and give them some firm shakes to dislodge any debris trapped in the fibers.

Most dog beds are machine washable at the least, or else they have removable washable covers. This means you can simply put the entire bed in the washing machine in order to clean it. Alternatively, you can remove the covers and put those in the washing machine.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Donut Beds For Dogs

Read below to get the answers to common questions and queries about donut dog beds.

Are Donut Beds Good For Dogs?

Yes, donut beds are very good for dogs and offer many benefits. Donut beds offer your dog a warm, cosy and soft sleeping environment. This is very calming for your dog and helps alleviate anxiety in your pet pooch. The fact that donut beds are round means that they support your dogs natural curled up sleeping position, giving your dog a sense of protection and safety.

Are Donut Beds Safe For Puppies?

Yes, donut beds are safe for puppies of all breeds. Donut dog beds are typically made with plush material as outer material, cotton or memory foam as the filler material, and non-slip rubber for the underside of the bed. All those materials are perfectly safe for your pup.

You should purchase a donut bed that’s big enough for your pup to grow into, but not so big that it completely swamps your pump and causes them anxiety. Typically, if you purchase a dog bed that’s 2 sizes bigger than their current size and weight then that should work well for your pup. This allows you to use the dog bed for around a year.

How Do You Wash A Donut Dog Bed?

Most doughnut dog beds can be washed in a washing machine. This means you can put the entire bed inside a washing machine to clean it. Ensure that you use only a gentle was cycle and detergent designed for delicate materials. After the wash cycle is finished you can simply allow the bed to air dry, or put it in a tumble dryer.

However, before doing anything, it’s recommended that you check the washing instructions on the label of the dog bed, or else contact the manufacturer to ask. Many dog beds now come with removable machine washable covers. This means that you can remove the covers from the bed and put those in the washing machine. This adds extra convenience above putting the entire dog bed in the washing machine, as sometimes a full bed wash is not really needed.

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