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Best Dog Beds UK 2023 [For All Breeds and Needs]

Dogs are very active animals and can often run their dog parents ragged! But on the flip side, our canine kids typically spend around 14 hours a day sleeping, that’s twice the amount that humans do. While it’s true that dogs can sleep on most firm surfaces, to help get your pooch the best quality sleep, you should buy her a dog bed.

Read on to find out what are the best dog beds in the UK in 2023, why you should ensure your pet pooch has a dog bed, and the benefits of beds for dogs.

What Are The Best Dog Beds UK 2023

The best dog beds in the UK market are the beds that help your pooch get restful sleep. In that sense, there are many dog beds that can help your dog achieve that.

However, some dogs just won’t sleep in certain types of beds, while other pooches want to sleep in beds that are not actually suitable for them.

It can seem like a daunting task to figure out exactly which particular type of bed is both suitable for your dog, and one that she will actually sleep in.

The good news is that on the UK market there is a dog bed to meet every type of need that your pet pooch and you may have!

Below we have listed the best dog beds UK for specific needs, purposes and dog breeds.

Best Raised Dog Beds UK

Raised dog beds, or elevated dog beds are a lesser common type of dog compared to others. However, they have lots of benefits and advantages. For example, if you have a dog with joint pain or stiff joints. Or if your dog gets hot quite quickly or does night pacing. A raised dog bed could be perfect for your pooch.

Best Donut Dog Beds UK

Donut dog beds, sometimes spelled doughnut dog beds can provide your dog with comfort and warmth. They can often be effective for dogs who suffer from stress or depression. Or some dogs simply prefer, even if they have no history of anxiousness.

Best Dog Sofa Beds UK

Dog sofa beds are a novel type of bed that provide your dog with their own dog sized sofa. Somewhere for them to sit and rest and get a good night’s sleep. Some dog owners report that they can’t get their pet pooch to sit next to them on main sofa since they got their dog a sofa bed!

Best Memory Foam Dog Beds UK

Memory foam dog beds are often perfect for more senior dogs that may be experiencing joint pain or muscle aches. Many veterinarians will recommend a memory foam bed for dogs that have arthritis or other similar conditions. We’ve reviewed and rated several dog memory foam beds.

Best Dog Beds For Crates UK

Many dog owners wonder if you should put a dog bed in a crate. The answer is a resounding yes! You should make your puppy feel comfortable when travelling, just as we humans like to travel in comfort. We’ve reviewed and rated the best dog crate beds the UK has to offer.

Do Dogs Actually Like Dog Beds?

While dogs can sleep on the floor and other hard surfaces, it’s not ideal for them. Think about us humans, we could sleep on the floor if we really had to, but our joints and muscles wouldn’t thank us for it! It’s a similar situation for dogs.

If given a choice of the floor, or a cosy bed, your pet pooch will choose a bed almost every time. Why? Because your dog wants to be snug! Dogs understand and appreciate comfort and warmth, and a bed provides your dog with both. But not only that, there are other reasons why your dog needs a bed.

Benefits Of A Dog Bed

Your dog will enjoy many benefits by having their own dog bed, and there are also benefits for you as their dog parent. Read on to discover what the benefits are

Your Dog Gets Their Own Private Space

Just as humans need their own space, particularly in the form of a bedroom or a private office space, dogs are no different. Dogs enjoy living with humans and being part of family life, however, they also require a quiet and warm place where they can retreat to.

Out in the wild, dogs will never sleep out in a wide open space. Instead, they will try to find a more enclosed spot, perhaps a shallow cave like space in a wall, or settle near a tree or a bush. And they would try to make the space more comfortable by gathering up leaves or loose grass.

If your dog doesn’t have her own bed, the she may feel like a second class citizen in her own home. So in order to meet your dog’s need for privacy and seclusion, get her a bed.

Dog Beds Help To Maintain And Enhance Your Dog’s Health

Although dogs can sleep on firm surfaces, it can be very harmful to your dog’s health if she regularly sleeps on the floor. Prolonged sleeping on the floor can result in your dog developing joint pains and muscle aches. These pains and aches could hamper your dog’s mobility and make walking, running and playing more difficult than it should be.

In the very worst case scenario, your dog could develop an injury which requires the attention of a veterinarian.

Getting your dog off the floor and onto a comfortable dog bed can help maintain the health and strength of your dog’s joints and muscles.

Further, if your dog is more elderly and has arthritis or other conditions, then it’s vital you provide your pooch with a dog bed. In this case, a dog bed designed to evenly distribute your dog’s body weight would be recommended.

Dog Beds Help To Keep Your Own Furniture Clean

Many dogs love resting and sleeping on their dog parent’s sofa, or bed and other furniture. If that describes your pooch, then you’ll know that your upholstery and beddings can become dirtier and smellier, more quickly as a result.

By providing your dog with a dog bed, much of mud and dirt your dog brings in from outside will be contained within their own bed, rather than your furniture. And since most dog beds have removable covers, you’ll be able to clean the dog bed more easily than you could clean a sofa.

So as you can see, there are clear reasons why you should provide your pooch with a comfy dog bed.