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5 Best Raised Dog Beds UK 2023 [Elevated + Affordable]

Raised dog beds can offer your dog comfort, relaxation and cooling, as well as being resistant to chewing. Many dog owners have switched from traditional dog beds to elevated beds for their pooch and report that their dogs love it!

If you’re wondering whether a raised bed could work for your pooch, then consider your dog’s habits. Does your dog tend to chew their bed? Does your pooch like to stretch out when sleeping as well as curling up? Does your dog like to have a go at digging as well? Would you like to offer your dog a bed that keeps them snug in winter and offers them cooling during the summer?

If you answered yes to any of the above then an elevated dog bed could work very well for your pooch. Read on to discover the 5 best raised dog beds in 2023

Our Top Picks

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

Great value pricing. Helps keep your pet pooch cool as air can circulate

ANWA Elevated Dog Bed Raised Dog Bed

Very affordable. Helps keep dogs off the ground and is easy to clean.

PawHut Dog Cat Puppy Pet Elevated Raised Cot Bed

Very good value for money. Strong metal frame offers sturdy support for dogs.

1. Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

The Amazon basics raised bed is an elevated bed that meets the needs of your pet pooch to stay comfy, while also staying cool. The elevated surface improves your dog’s overall comfort and relief by elevating their joints and pressure points off the ground.

The mesh material of the bed means it’s easy to clean, you can simply wet a cloth with tap water and wipe it down Alternatively you can vacuum clean it easily.

This raised bed elevates your dog almost 18cm from the floor and comes with rubber feet. Although the bed is actually very comfy as it is, you can also add pillows or a blanket to make it extra cosy for your dog.

The bed is easy to assemble, it comes with instructions as well as the required screws and hex tool (allen key) needed to put it together. It can be put together by just one person.

This great value elevated bed comes in multiple sizes from extra small all the way to extra large. The extra large can accommodate up to 50kg weight. Meaning you can find a bed size for most size dogs including large breed dogs.

Key Features

  • Mesh fabric is breathable and allows air to circulate around your dog in all directions.
  • Helps relieve any joint pain and pressure points due to it being raised off the ground.
  • Easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple size options
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all breeds, large and small


  • Some buyers report the item arrived with missing screws

2. ANWA Elevated Dog Bed

The ANWA elevated dog bed offers your pooch a relaxing and comfortable bed that can be used all year round. The bed uses a teslin fabric, which means it’s resistant to liquids, chemicals and scuffing, as well as being very durable. The teslin fabric is also very breathable and offers great ventilation.

As it’s an elevated bed it comes with built pressure pain relief and joint pain relief. This is very useful if you have a dog with those types of problems. Even if your dog doesn’t have joint problems, this dog bed will still be a comfy place to rest.

The ANWA raised dog bed is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. To that end, it is has sturdy rubber feet and a strong frame design with a middle support rail. The middle support rail provides additional support and durability that can be missing in other raised dog beds.

This raised dog bed uses joint splicing. This is a method of joining two parts together end to end without using screws. This can make items easier to assemble. Speaking of assembly, it’s easy to put together, although the instructions could be a bit clearer than they are.

The ANWA raised dog bed comes in three sizes, with the largest size being able to comfortably support a dog of 63.5kg. Meaning it can accommodate large breed dogs.

Key Features

  • Teslin fabric offers great durability and is resistant to liquids and scuffing.
  • Strong and sturdy frame with middle support rail.
  • Avoids the use of screws by using joint splicing instead.
  • Helps relieve any joint pain and pressure points due to it being raised off the ground.


  • Teslin fabric is scuff and chew resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Toughened and sturdy frame
  • Easy to clean


  • The assembly instructions are not as clear as they could be

3. PawHut Dog Cat Puppy Pet Elevated Raised Cot Bed

The PawHut Dog Pet Elevated Cot bed offers a sturdy raised dog bed with a strong metal frame that is 18cm off the ground. The material is 600D oxford fabric, which makes it resistant to tearing and scratches.

This dog bed offers you the expected ventilation and cooling benefits of a raised dog bed, and also has anti-slip rubber feet attached to the frame.

Unlike some other raised dog beds, this PawHut dog bed has the benefit of being foldable. This means it’s easy to store when not in use and is also great for dog owners with smaller spaces available in their homes.

As you would expect from 600D oxford material, it’s easy to clean and easy to collect and remove dog hair from. It also offers the added benefit of being flea and mite resistant.

The PawHut comes in sizes medium and large, with the medium supporting dogs up to 25kg in weight, and the large for dogs up to 40kg in weight.

Key Features

  • Lightweight but sturdy dog bed that’s easy to assemble.
  • Foldable design means the bed can be easily stored away when not in use.
  • 600D oxford fabric makes the bed breathable and easy to clean.
  • Helps relieve any joint pain and pressure points due to it being raised off the ground.


  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Flea and mite resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for larger breed dogs

4. K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Bed

This raised dog bed from K&H uses 600 denir fabric with a mesh material centre, thereby allowing your dog’s body heat to escape. The bed raises your pet pooch almost 18cm off the floor, combined with the mesh centre, this allows for full air flow and ventilation under the dog bed, thereby keeping your dog cool in warmer periods.

This dog bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and boasts a durable and toughened frame that has been tested for strength. In addition to that, it also features anti-scratch rubber feet, meaning it’s less likely to scratch hardwood floors or other similar materials.

The K&H dog bed is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require the use of any tools. Additionally, the dog bed offers the convenience of being fully collapsible, making it easy to store, take camping, or travel with.

This dog bed can be purchased in small, medium, and large. The large sized bed can hold up to 70kg, meaning it’s perfect if you have a breed or heavy dog.

The K&H dog bed is easy to clean, – the material can simply be removed from the frame and put in the washing machine. Not only that, it’s easy to wipe clean also, and is mildew, moisture and bacteria resistant.

Key Features

  • Durable denir fabric with mesh centre allows for full air circulation.
  • Can easily be collapsed and folded, making it easy to store away or take travelling.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has toughened metal frame.
  • Lightweight but sturdy dog bed that’s easy to assemble.
  • Helps relieve any joint pain and pressure points due to it being raised off the ground.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be collapsed and folded without much effort
  • Suitable for large breed dogs
  • Moisture, mold and bacteria resistant
  • Easy to clean – material can be put in washing machine


  • Priced a little higher than some other raised beds

5. Metal Frame Dog Cot Elevated Pet Bed

This Royals Will branded metal frame elevated dog bed offers a durable steel frame with anti slip rubber feet, ensuring it doesn’t easily slip and move around. The material is a thick mesh fabric with strong hemming to support heavier dogs.

The bed elevates your dog 15cm off the ground, so as you would expect from a riased dog bed, it allows for full air circulation and ventilation around your dog. This keeps your dog cool in warmer months.

This raised dog bed comes with very easy to follow assembly instructions and can be easily assembled by just one person. It comes with the required screws and hex tool / allen key. The dog bed also has the benefit of being foldable, making it easy to store and transport.

As you would hope for with an elevated dog bed, the mesh material is easy to clean. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, or the material can be placed in the washing machine. This raised dog bed comes in small medium and large, with the large bed being able to comfortably hold 35kg of weight.

Key Features

  • Durable steel frame with anti slip rubber feet mean it stays in place and doesn’t slip.
  • Easy to assemble and can be put together by one person.
  • Dirt and grime resistant and can be cleaned by hand easily or put in a washing machine.
  • Foldable design means the bed can be easily stored away when not in use.
  • Helps relieve any joint pain and pressure points due to it being raised off the ground.


  • Great value price
  • Easy to assemble and foldable
  • Dog hair and dirt doesn’t cling to bed
  • Can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth


  • Difficult to find replacement mesh if needed

Raised Dog Bed Buying Guide

Many dogs can benefit from a raised dog bed. If you’re looking to purchase one then you may be overwhelmed with the different varieties and features available. Not to mention you might be confused about the range in pricing. Read on to discover more about elevated dog beds and the key features you should look out for.

Type Of Material

Raised dog beds feature a mesh type material. In the case of elevated dog beds, that mesh material is typically nylon and polyester. The mesh material is reinforced and strengthened as required the best dog bed.

There are other materials besides mesh, such as Teslin fabric. Teslin is a waterproof synthetic fabric that’s known to be very strong and hard wearing. The ANWA elevated dog bed, which is our number 2 recommendation in this article uses Teslin fabric as its mesh material.

Another type of commonly used material is oxford fabric. This is a well known fabric which is either pure cotton or blended with polyester or rayon. For raised dog beds, the oxford fabric will be blended to ensure it’s strong and sturdy. The PawHut Elevated dog bed uses 600D oxford fabric.

There is not really any ‘best’ material when it comes to these dog beds. A dog bed manufacturer can use poor quality mesh, or Teslin fabric of a lesser quality. In these instances, the dog bed wouldn’t be as durable as needed. Therefore, it’s best to check any reviews of the dog bed to see if there are any complaints of poor quality or lack of durability with the material.

The Chew Proof Factor

One of the advantages of a raised dog bed is the fact that by design they are chew resistant. This is due to the fact the frames are metal and the material is a sturdy mesh material – as long as you buy a quality bed. As a result, if you have a dog that likes chewing, then an elevated dog bed can be a great benefit to both your dog and you.

It can be difficult to ascertain just how chew resistant an elevated dog bed is without actually purchasing a bed. But as a general rule, if the dog bed costs less than £10 for a size small, and less than £20 for a size large, then the chances are the bed is using inferior quality materials and won’t put up much defence against chewing.

The Cooling Factor Of The Bed

The entire surface area of a raised dog bed should offer an element of cooling, since it’s made from a mesh material and not a solid material like foam. With that said, ideally you’d want the middle area of the raised dog bed to offer the greatest cooling aspect and thus be made from a more transparent mesh material.

This allows your dog’s body heat to escape more efficiently rather than being trapped under it. Additionally, it of course allows wind and air to fully circulate underneath and through the bed, providing that cooling aspect that many dogs want and need.

Anti-Dirt And Moisture Resistance Factor

There are treatments that be given to materials to ensure they repel dust, liquid, bacteria and dirt. This is an important factor in looking for a raised dog bed. Why? Because you’d want the bed to be easy to clean and long lasting. Be sure to look for a raised dog bed that can be used outside as well as inside, as these dog beds tend to have the most resistance to dirt, grime and moisture.

Not only that, do check the manufacturers specifications and whether they’ve specifically mentioned what the dog bed is resistant to, if anything at all.  

Benefits Of A Raised Dog Bed

The benefits of a raised dog bed have already been alluded to above. But Let’s look at them in slightly more detail:

Raised dog beds are great for dogs with joint problems

If your dog is experiencing joint pain or pressure point pain, then elevated beds can help to provide your dog with a lot of relief. Because the bed is elevated your dog’s joints are not pressing against the floor or other had surface. Your dog’s weight is being entirely supported by the bed and therefore gives your dogs joints relief.

Raised dog beds make it easy to clean up dog hair

These beds either allow dog hair to easily slip through the mesh fabric, or they repel the dog hair altogether. Repelling the dog hair means the dog hair doesn’t stick to the bed or get tangled and matted in the bed.

This makes it easy to clean up dog hair, either by vacuuming the dog hair that’s slipped through the mesh, or by vacuuming the bed itself.

Raised dog beds are (typically) easy to carry and transport

Many raised dog beds are lightweight but sturdy. Offering you as a dog owner the perfect mix of portability and durability. Raised dog beds often weigh a lot less than traditional dog beds since they don’t have the dense foam and other materials contained in dog beds.

Many elevated dog beds are also foldable or collapsible. This makes these types of beds much easier to store away when not in use. Not only that, these beds are easy to take camping, store on a plane and just generally travel with and transport to different places.

NOTE: Not all raised dog beds are foldable, so be sure to check the product description before you buy if a foldable bed is important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elevated Dog Beds

Read below to get the answers to common questions and queries about raised beds for dogs.

Is An Elevated Bed Good For A Dog?

Yes, elevated dog beds are great for dogs. There are various reasons for this including the fact that elevated dog beds offer cooling to dogs during warm days and months. This is because air can fully circulate under the dog and the dog’s own body heat can escape.

Another reason is that elevated dog beds have great orthopaedic properties. How so? Elevated dog beds prevent your dog’s joints from pressed against the floor or other hard surfaces. The bed itself takes all your dogs weight and this provides relief to your dog’s joints.

Are Elevated Dog Beds Good For Chewers?

Yes, elevated dog beds are great for chewers. If you have a dog that likes to chew then you’ve probably had to replace dog beds much more quickly than you would have liked due to your pet pooch chewing through them. The great thing about raised dog beds is that they’re naturally chew resistant.

This is due to raised beds having sturdy frames that are made from steel or other metals. Dogs can’t chew through metal – though they may try! Secondly, the mesh fabric used in raised beds is harder to gnaw though than some of the softer fabrics used in traditional dog beds.

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