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Where Can I Buy Dog Ice Cream UK 2023: Top 7 Places

If you’ve never bought ice cream for your dog before then you might be having a bit of difficulty finding out where to buy it from. Fortunately, ice cream for dogs can be bought from plenty of places in the UK, including online stores and in physical shops. Not only that, you can get some healthy ice cream for your pet pooch too.

This article will detail the places where you can buy ice cream for dogs.

What Makes Dog Ice Cream Different?

Ice cream for dogs differs from regular ice cream that us humans eat. Dog friendly ice cream is softer than standard ice cream and contains little to no sugar, additives or other artificial flavours. Nor has the ice cream gone through heavy industrial processing.

Dog friendly ice cream is 100% natural (or should be!), and is typically based on plain yogurt and fresh ingredients that promote good dog health.

Where Can I Buy Dog Ice Cream In The UK?

You can buy dog ice cream in the UK from many different places, including independent retailers and online marketplaces. Below is an overview of the various outlets where you can buy ice cream for your dog.

Online Marketplaces That Sell Ice Cream For Dogs

The biggest online marketplace, – Amazon, sells frozen yogurt for dogs which is very highly rated, and also sells dog ice cream mix.

1 Amazon: Frozen yogurt for dogs (highly rated frozen dog treat)

2 Amazon: Dog ice cream

What UK Supermarkets Sell Ice Cream For Dogs?

Most large supermarkets do NOT sell dog ice cream. The only supermarket that sells anything similar to dog ice cream is Morrisons.  The Yorkshire founded supermarket sells a frozen yogurt for dogs, which states it’s completely natural and with added vitamins.

3 Morrisons
See their frozen yogurt for dogs.

At the time of writing, nor Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda or Waitrose sell ice cream for dogs or anything similar.

Independent Retailers That Sell Ice Cream For Dogs

Independent retailers are where it’s at if you’re looking for dog ice cream and other frozen dog treats and snacks. However, because ice cream is frozen, many independent retailers only offer an in-store collection service, rather than delivery.

As for the independent retailers that do deliver, they often only offer delivery to areas that are local to them. Typically, within a 10-15 mile radius.

In other words, whether you can get dog ice cream from independent sellers depends on what area you live in. You might be able to find a local shop that stocks dog ice cream, or you might be able to find a retailer who’ll deliver to you.

4 Marshfield Ice cream for dogs
Marshfield is a popular brand of dog ice cream. Check their website to find stockists near you.
Marshfield ice cream stockists locator

5 Farm And Pet Place
This pet supply store sells the popular Marshfield ice cream for dogs in their stores. You can order and collect from their stores, but they don’t offer delivery for the ice cream product.
See Farm and Pet Place store locator here

6 Ashton Farms
This store sells Marshfield ice cream in bulk quantities
See their dog ice cream listing here

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Can Dogs Eat Regular Ice Cream?

Dogs can eat regular ice cream that humans eat, however it’s not all recommended to allow this. And it’s especially important that you never give your dog ice cream that contains chocolate. This is because chocolate is very harmful to dogs, even in small amounts.

Outside of chocolate, ice cream that people eat is full of sugars, sweeteners, synthetics additives and is high in fat. While these ingredients are not exactly healthy for humans, they are definitely unfriendly to dogs. Giving your dog standard ice cream on a regular basis can lead to your dog developing constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Can Humans Eat Dog Ice Cream?

Yes, humans can generally eat dog ice cream, although it may not taste very nice. Ice cream for dogs is typically more bland in flavour than human ice cream. This is because it lacks the sugars and sweeteners us humans are used to. Further, dog ice cream can come in peculiar flavour combinations that dogs love, but which humans are not so accustomed to.