Where To Buy Green Tripe For Dogs UK 2023: Top 10 Places

If you’ve never bought green tripe for your dog before then you might be finding it a bit tricky to locate the places where it’s sold. Fortunately, green tripe, including frozen green tripe can be bought from plenty of places in the UK, including online stores and in physical shops.

This article will detail the places where you can buy green tripe for dogs.

What Is Green Tripe?

Tripe is the stomach lining of an animal, typically a lamb or a cow. The stomach lining is rich in nutrients and minerals and has many health benefits for both humans and dogs. The term ‘green’ added to the name indicates that the tripe has not been artificially processed or bleached. It’s completely natural and free from any synthetic additives.

Why Is Green Tripe Good For Dogs?

Many dog owners consider green tripe to be a superfood for dogs, especially dog owners who feed their pooch a raw food diet. This is because green tripe contains essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and protein, among other nutrients. Green tripe offers many benefits to your canine kid, the main benefits are outlined below:

  • Helps to build healthy muscles
  • Helps to soothe irritations in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Boosts the dog’s immune system

Where To Buy Green Tripe In The UK

You can buy green tripe in the UK from many different places. Below is an overview of the various outlets where you can buy green tripe for your dog.

What UK Supermarkets Sell Green Tripe

The large supermarkets all sell the same brand of tripe, – Butchers. Butchers offers a handful of different varieties and mixes of tripe. None of them are fresh or frozen, they’re all canned and tinned. However, all of them natural and free from artificial additives.

Tesco: See here

Asda: See here

Sainsbury’s: See here

Morrisons: See here

Waitrose: See here

All the above supermarkets offer home delivery.

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Independent Online Stores That Sell Green Tripe

There a plenty of online stores that sell green tripe. Independent outlets have an advantage over the big supermarkets as they sell the fresh green tripe that’s frozen. See the online stores below

4 Paws Raw: Offering green tripe mince, both fresh and frozen.
Tripe products here

They Love It: Raw dog food supplier selling green tripe in bulk with no delivery charge
Tripe products here

Middleton Raw Dog Foods: Offering frozen minced green tripe with no delivery fee
Tripe products here

Wolf Tucker: Offering smaller pack sizes of green tripe
Tripe products here

Easy Raw Dog Food: Offering a range of tripe and tripe mixes, including lamb, chicken and beef
Tripe products here

Final Thoughts On Where To Buy Green Tripe For Dogs UK

Green tripe has a lot of benefits for dogs and is considered by many pet professionals and dog owners to be a superfood. If you’ve never bought green tripe before then you now know you where you can purchase it. Supermarkets sell a non-frozen version, and independent online stores sell frozen and fresh versions. All offer home delivery.