How To Stop Dog Wee Killing Grass UK: 8 Different Ways

You love to walk your canine pal and let them play in the garden. However, your dog’s urine is killing your lawn. Well, if you’ve ever wondered how to stop dog wee killing grass UK, the good news is there are at least 8 ways to do this. Including keeping your dog hydrated, creating a garden dog loo, and training your dog to wee somewhere else, among other methods. Read on to discover the 8 different ways you can prevent dog urine from killing grass naturally.

Why Is Dog Urine So Damaging To Grass And Lawns?

Dog urine can cause so much harm to garden lawns and grass due to the amount of nitrogen contained in dog wee. While it’s true that nitrogen is a critical ingredient in a healthy grass, too high a concentration of nitrogen can result in brown patches of grass and grass burns.

In other words, if your dog’s pee is high in nitrogen, then it will damage your grass and leave it with bald patches and brown areas.

How To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass Naturally UK

There are 8 ways you can stop your dog wee from burning your lawn as below:

  1. Water the area where your dog has urinated.
  2. Train your dog to pee somewhere else.
  3. Encourage your dog to drink more water.
  4. Set up a dog toilet.
  5. Use dog urine neutraliser.
  6. Use dog rocks.
  7. Take you dog walking first each morning.
  8. Plant a urine burn resistant species of grass.

Now, let’s look at those 8 methods in a little more detail.

1. Water The Area Where Your Dog Has Urinated

Since it’s the high concentration of nitrogen in a dog’s urine that burns the grass, you can reduce the concentration by watering the area where your dog has urinated. Simply use a hose, a bucket or a watering can to pour water over the area of grass. Doing this will dilute the concentration of nitrogen in the area. Be sure to keep pouring water until it’s fully saturated.

2. Train Your Dog To Pee Somewhere Else

This might seem onerous, but it’s like teaching your dog any other simple trick or command. Simply train your dog to pee in a different location. This could be a muddy area of your garden or lawn, or simply nowhere near your garden at all. This may take a few days, or even a few weeks, but soon enough your dog will no longer be peeing all over your grass.

3. Encourage Your Dog To Drink More Water

It’s always important to keep your dog hydrated in general. But encouraging your canine friend to drink more fresh clean water will result in her wee having a lower concentration of nitrogen. You can also add water your dog’s food or give them canned food that has higher levels of water. Bear in mind that your dog may need to wee more often as a result.

4. Set Up A Dog Toilet

Setting up a dog loo doesn’t mean setting up a mini toilet in your garden. Instead, it’s much simpler and easier than that. A dog loo is simply a small patch of grass, usually square in shape. The patch of grass is real grass and simply a patch created specifically for your dog to wee on.

A dog loo is very handy for people who live in high rise buildings or who otherwise lack outdoor space. However, it’s also very helpful for people who do have a garden, but want to train their dog to pee on a very specific area. By using a dog loo, you’ll protect your lawn from dog urine burns.

5. Use Dog Urine Neutraliser

Dog urine neutralisers are a common way of stopping dog wee from burning grass. They can be used to help your garden recover from dog urine burns. And they can be used as prevention method by applying the neutraliser to your lawn via a watering can or hose.

Neutralisers for pet urine are typically cost £10 – £20 depending on the weight and quantity, and many dog owners report good results from using them.

6. Use Dog Rocks

Many dog owners report that adding dog rocks to their dog’s water bowl works well to stop dog urine from burning their grass. Dog rocks filter out the impurities in ordinary drinking water. This includes the nitrates in the water, as well as tin and ammonia lurking in the water. As a result of your dog drinking more pure water with no nitrates, your dog’s urine will naturally contain lower levels of nitrate.

7. Take You Dog Walking First Each Morning

This may seem obvious, but if you take your dog walking early in the morning, then your dog will be able to pee elsewhere outside. This saves your garden from her dog pee. This method is great for people who are early risers. But if you don’t like to get up early, then this tactic may not be for you.

8. Plant A Dog Urine Resistant Species Of Grass

Planting a whole new lawn using a different species of grass obviously takes more time and energy than the other methods described in this article. With that said, it’s a method that some may want to try. There are some types of grass that are more resistant to dog urine burns than others, and they make great gardens. These grass species include:

Final Thoughts On How To Stop Dog Wee Killing Grass UK

It’s established that it’s the concentration of nitrogen in your dog’s urine that kills the grass in your garden and other areas. So a good way to stop dog wee from killing grass is to dilute the concentration of nitrogen in dog urine. This can be done many ways discussed in this article.

Alternatively, you can focus on protecting your lawn, rather than on changing anything about your dog. There garden protection methods include watering your garden more regularly and using dog urine neutraliser.

Whatever method you choose, always be sure to keep your dog’s health and wellbeing as the priority.