How To Dispose Of Dog Poo At Home UK 2023 [5 Ways]

Being a responsible dog owner means always cleaning up your dog’s poo, no matter where you are. While it’s clear how to deal with dog poop when you’re out about, you might ask yourself how to dispose of dog poo at home? You can dispose of dog poo at home in five different ways. These include, placing dog poo inside your usual outdoor bin, using a dog waste decomposer, and putting dog mess into a worm farm, among other methods.

Read on to discover the five different ways you can dispose of dog poo at home.

What Makes Dog Poo Dangerous?

Dog mess can contain bacteria and germs that are harmful to humans, especially young children, and also harmful to other pets. So, if you have young children or other pets in your house, it’s especially important that you dispose of dog poo in your home safely.

The bacteria that’s particularly harmful to humans are parasites that can infest the intestines of dogs. These are hookworm, round worms, tapeworm, and others. It’s critical that these parasites aren’t given the opportunity to multiply and grow, so getting rid of dog poo quickly is important.

How Should I Dispose Of Dog Poo At Home?

There are five main ways you can dispose of dog poo at home. These are as below:

  1. Put the dog poo in your usual outdoor waste bin
  2. Use a dog waste decomposer
  3. Put dog poo in a home wormery
  4. Use biodegradable bags and compost the poop
  5. Use a dog poop collection service

Now, let’s look at those 5 methods in a little more detail.

1. Put The Dog Poo In Your Usual Outdoor Waste Bin

Dog waste can simply be placed in your usual outdoor wheelie bin. It doesn’t require any kind of special treatment or handling prior to doing so. However, it’s important that you place the dog poo inside two strong dog poop bags, and then put the bagged up dog mess into the outdoor bin.

The bagging up of the dog poop is to ensure the dog mess doesn’t spill out and cause issues when your wheelie bin is being emptied by refuse collectors. Make sure that you use biodegradable dog poop bags, and not plastic bags.

2. Use A Dog Waste Decomposer

A dog waste decomposer is also known a dog waste disposer. It’s a small septic tank style container that you bury in your garden, leaving only the lid above ground.

Depending on the height of the disposer, you may have to dig a hole in your garden from three foot to four foot deep. If you have multiple dogs or a large breed dog, then it makes sense to go for a larger size decomposer to deal with the higher volume and bigger size of dog poop.

When your dog does a poo, you would simply collect the poop and place it into the decomposer. Thereafter you’d add water and enzymes to ensure the poop liquifies and is decomposed as quickly as possible. Decomposers are simple to set up and come with instructions, so even if you’ve never used one before it’s easy to install one in your garden or yard.

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3. Put Dog Poo In A Home Wormery

A wormery is simply a worm farm. Using a wormery is another effective way to dispose to dog poo at home. In the UK, wormeries have grown in popularity over the past 5 years by over 610%.

The worm farm acts as a natural dog poo decomposer and digester. That’s because worms happily eat dog poo! Worms will chow down on your dog’s mess and also get rid of the dog poo odour. Be sure to only use earth worms or compost worms in your wormery.

Worm farms are easy to install and manage, many children love them and even enjoy placing dog poop inside them for the worms to eat! But not only that, the worm castings produced are perfect organic fertiliser for non-edible plants in your garden.

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4. Use Biodegradable Bags And Compost The Poop

You can compost your dog’s poo in order to dispose of it. However, it’s important that you manage the compost heap properly. If you don’t then you’ll simply be giving the harmful bacteria in your dog’s poo the opportunity to grow and multiply at an expedited rate.

Create your own compost pile in your garden or yard. As it will all be organic waste, you need to pay attention to the levels of heat, water and oxygen contained in your compost. All three elements need to be at rather precise levels in order to safely and effectively compost.

After your dog has pooped, place the poop in a biodegradable compost bag and place the bag in the compost heap.

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5. Use A Dog Poop Collection Service

It’s not a joke at all. There are dog poop collections services that will come to your home and collect your dog poop. These services offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly collections. On top of that, they often offer discounts for long term bookings. This is a perfect service for dog owners who really don’t like dealing with dog waste.

Dog owners have reported that these dog mess collection services also offer to clean up, sterilise and refresh the areas of your garden that may have been overrun with dog poop. If you d decide to hire a dog poop collection service, make sure the operators are insured and only use eco friendly bins, bags, tools and sterilisers.

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FAQs On How To Dispose Of Dog Poo At Home UK

Read on to discover the answers to frequently asked questions about how to dispose of dog poo at home UK.

Where Can You Dispose Of Dog Poo UK?

In the UK, you can dispose of dog poo in any general litter bin. Until recently, you had to use a separate dedicated dog poo bin. But that policy has changed, and you can legally dispose of dog mess in any waste or litter bin.

Can I Put Dog Poo In My Wheelie Bin UK?

Yes, you can put dog poo in your wheelie bin in the UK. In fact, using a wheelie bin to dispose of dog waste is a recommended way to deal with dog mess. Just be sure to bag up the dog poo in 2 biodegradable dog poop bags, before placing it in the wheelie bin.

Can I Flush Dog Poo Down The Toilet UK?

Water companies in the UK have recommended against flushing dog poo down the toilet. Anglian water gives two main reasons for this. Firstly, they say that the poop bags do not break down enough and can create severe blockages in the system. Secondly, they say that certain parasites known as roundworm or toxocara can survive the water processing treatment.